Google AdWordsGoogle Instant Traffic

This is a great way to start out and compliments Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our Instant Traffic program is just that – we can have you on the first page of Google with targeted ads in a few hours! This is done with a “Pay-Per-Click” (PPC) program called “AdWords“. You pay only when someone clicks your Google listing.

We will find all the right Keywords that your future clients and customers are using to search for you on the web. We design the wording which will appear on Google. We will also tailor the campaign to reach the targeted areas you want to advertise to – whether it is a small town or the entire world.

And, there is much more we will be doing with our Instant Traffic program so that you can make more money.

You will receive reports on a regular basis on the progress of your Instant Traffic campaign. And if you want to stop or pause it, you can do it in minutes.

Instant Traffic – a great way to get started with Trinity Web Marketing.

AdWords Setup and Management

 We assist you all along the way in developing a great program to get you quick, targeted results.  We will set up an manage all aspects of your campaign to ensure your business gets the right traffic at the right time.

  • Consultation/Keyword/Google AdWords Competitor Review
    Review of competitor’s ads, selection of keywords for maximum searches using Google’s keyword tool. We provide ad group theme selection consultation with you and an intensive review of your existing website for keyword selections.
  • Google AdWords Setup
    We will provide AdWords account set up, creation of appropriate ad groups, select your keywords, and create variations of ad text.  Pay per click budget and fees apply.
  • Professional Management/Monitoring
    We will monitor your AdWords program to fine tune your keyword CPC (cost per click) and keywords. We will remove poor performing keywords, insert new keywords and negative keywords as needed, and even fine tune your ad text when needed. In addition you will receive a regular from us on activity and our recommendations.
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